Surly Big Easy 2020


The Surly Big Easy.  What is it?  Well: it's a lot of things.  It's a minivan without gas.  It's a pickup truck, also without gas.  It's a grocery getter.  It's a car replacement for a lot of people.  

The Big Easy, Surly's first electric assist bike, is a cargo bike with a Bosch mid-drive motor.  As a Class 1 e-bike, the Big Easy assists the rider up to 20 miles per hour.  It's got multiple power modes so you can make that battery last a very long time.  (It's even ready for a second battery if you wanted to double the range).  In typical Surly fashion, the spec of parts is nice - very strong four piston disc brakes, a dropper seatpost (so multiple members of the same family can ride the bike even if their heights differ a bit), high volume tires, etc.  This bike knocks it out of the park.  

The ride quality is superb, and the Bosch e-bike system is very smooth.   Come take this one for a ride.  

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