Brompton H6L


We are super excited to bring Brompton into the fold here at Alameda Bicycle.  Without a doubt, Brompton makes the world’s nicest folding bikes.  No bike that we’ve ever seen folds up as small and as easily as a Brompton.  Once folded, they’re super easy to transport and store – and just as much of a breeze to unfold and ride away.  For city riding, the small wheels spin up to speed quickly from a stop.  You’ll be zipping along in no time.  We’re also enamored by the beauty of the Bromptons.  We’ve got a couple of gorgeous colors, but are happy to help you order your own custom bike, direct from their UK factory.  The H6L is a 6 speed with fenders and a frame pump included.  It also has slightly taller handlebars, a wider saddle, and generator dynamo lighting.  Come try one out!

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