Bike Fit services

George, our fit specialist, will fit your bike to your unique anatomy and performance goals.
Our rate is $90/hour. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Bike Sizing

Good general fit in a time-efficient manner. This is free with a bike purchase, and performed by our sales staff.

  • Saddle height and angle adjustment
  • Saddle width recommendations
  • Bar width recommendations
  • Stem length and angle recommendations


Bike Fitting

Why get a bike fit? Well, while you might be on the correct size bike, getting the fit fully dialed in will allow you to ride longer distances without discomfort, and maximize your efficiency on the bike.

A fit will include everything in a bike sizing, but significantly more in depth. A bike fit will analyze:

  • Proper leg extension and neutral riding position
  • Knee alignment and saddle alignment
  • Foot alignment and cleat position
  • Shoe fit and insole assessment

What to Expect When Getting a Bike Fit

While our rate is $90 an hour, fits can range from 45 minutes to over 2 hours - it's all dependent on you, your bike, and your needs. We like to let the rider dictate what their bike fit issues are, and take it from there.  

We can tailor your fit based on your injury history, any anatomical discrepancies (lots of people have one longer leg), and your current levels of flexibility and strength. This ensures that you get your money's worth - if it ain't broke, don't fit it.

You'll want to bring your riding gear and shoes, as well as your bike. We'll set you up in our trainer and you'll be able to pedal indoors with ease, no helmet required.

Covid-19 Update

We are open limited hours right now - 12 to 6 PM, 5 days a week. 


We will be CLOSED TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS.  Click here for more information, or text us if you have questions.

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