6/18/2020 UPDATE

To our Alameda Bicycle community,

Thank you for your unbelievable support over these past three months. There has been an unprecedented boom within the bike industry, and we have experienced demand for bikes and service at a level we have never seen before. We thank you for bearing with us as we figure this all out, just like everyone else.

Alameda County has permitted businesses to resume limited in-store shopping as of this Friday, June 19th. The county has also strongly suggested that businesses continue operating at curbside if at all possible. With that in mind, we feel that we are not ready to open our doors to indoor retail traffic at this time. The virus is still a danger, so we must remain vigilant in our commitment to the safety and health of our staff and the community at large. We think it is in the best interest of everyone to hold off on in-store shopping for now.

We will continue to operate the same way that we have since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, by helping people from outside our side door, Thursday through Monday from 12 to 6 PM. We are requiring everyone who visits to the shop to wear a mask as per the face covering order issued by Alameda County, to stay 6 feet apart while waiting in line, and to stay at home if you're feeling sick. We will do our best to have disposable masks on hand for those who do not have them.

We know that there has been a long line at times while waiting for service - opening up the inside of the shop would require us to disinfect between patrons, thus making the line even longer. We have invested in things which make our current waiting experience as pleasant and safe as possible - bottled water, pop-up tents to provide shade, posted wait times, and live text message support to answer your questions quickly from home.   We encourage you to text us any questions you might have to make your experience as seamless as possible.

We thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this unknown time together. We're glad to see so many new riders and old friends out on bikes right now - riding has been one of the only things that feels normal through all this, and we want to continue to do our part to give everyone that bit of escape from the world at large.

If you have any questions, please contact our General Manager, Scott Karoly, at scott@alamedabicycle.com or (650) 303-4015, or the shop owner Gene Oh, at gene@bikehub.com or (510) 205-3006. Either of us are happy to answer any questions that you might have.


Alameda Bicycle

We are open from 12:00 to 6:00, 5 days a week (we're closed Tuesday and Wednesday)  

We believe bike shops are an "essential business" during the current shelter-in-place order. Cycling allows for exercise within a safe distance of others, as well as a way for people to get around without a car, and without relying on public transit. We want to make sure that people are able to have working bicycles in a time of need.

Alameda Bicycle is committed to remaining open and ready to serve our community as long as we can safely do so. We will be open with a skeleton crew from 12pm - 6pm, 5 days a week. We will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

We have less staff than normal, so please respect our staff who are working during a pandemic, and be patient. Our demand has increased in ways that we have never seen before, and we're working as hard as we can to keep repairs moving and bikes out on the road.  This demand is not East Bay specific - check out this article in the New York Times about the demand for bikes right now.

It's very busy right now, and we very likely will not be able to answer the phone.
The fastest way to get ahold of us is text us!
You can text us at our phone number - 510 522 0070.
You can also email us: info@alamedabicycle.com
Currently we are scheduling dropped off repairs around 4 weeks out.

Well lit trail with trees.

We are here to help!

  • Advice: got a question about something? Please call us, email us, or text us before coming in. Text messaging will get you the quickest reply. You can text us now at our regular phone number: (510) 522-0070. We can usually help remotely and we will happily do what we can to answer your questions while you remain at home.  
  • Bike repairs: Set an appointment here for same-day or next-day repairs. Or come by for a free estimate. While we can usually do on-the-spot repairs for quick jobs such as flat tires, we may have to ask for a few hours to complete all jobs given the circumstances. We will spray or wipe all bikes with disinfectant before inspections and after all repairs.
  • In-store sales: Since clients will not have access inside our store, we will walk you through your bike and merchandise purchases, and bring product choices to you. We won’t be taking returns on product during this time, but will extend our return policy to be 30 days from the end of the shelter in place order. We still do not take returns on bicycles.  
  • We are unable to do Bicycle Blue Book trade-ins or bicycle rentals at this time.  
  • Our policies like Lifetime Service, Lifetime Warranty, our Kid's Bike Trade-Up program and 90 Day Price Match are always in effect. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

We are taking extra measures to ensure our clients, staff, and greater community are safe.

  • We are keeping the front door locked and will be working with our clients from outside the shop. Our retail sales floor will not be open for browsing, but our staff on site will be able to help people find the things they need from a safe distance. Please meet us at our side door, on Webb St. next to Alameda Grill. We have a hand washing station outside that you can use. We do not have a bathroom at this time.
  • We are asking people to queue up, spaced out six feet apart. We have marked lines with chalk leading from our side door towards Park St. Please do not line up in front of Alameda Grill or block their doorway. They're trying to serve people, too.
  • Things may take a little longer than usual. We're working with limited staff, and may not be able to complete all repairs or service all bicycles at this time. Please bear with us - your understanding goes a long way, and we appreciate it.

Need something, but don't want to leave your home?

We are able to have many of our products shipped to your door. Some of them are even available for you to order yourself!

  • Need something from Specialized? You can order anything that they make through Specialized.com and have it shipped to us through their Click & Collect program.  
  • Want a bike from Giant or Liv? You can get it through their web link program at Giant-bicycles.com and have it shipped to us. Both of these help us out while getting you the bike stuff you can’t be without.
  • Looking for something else? Many of our brands are available for “Retail to Home” delivery. Text or email us - we may be able to have what you need sent to your door. This is the safest way to get what you need and support your local bike shop.
  • Want to buy a gift card for use at a later date? Send us a text message and we can get that set up for you.

Two bicyclists riding on a bike path next to water

Thank you for your support in this difficult time - we’ll get through this together.

-Your friends at Alameda Bicycle

Covid-19 Update

We are open limited hours right now - 12 to 6 PM, 5 days a week. 

We will be CLOSED TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS.  Click here for more information, or text us if you have questions.


Inventory has been extremely affected by COVID-19.  If a bike says SOLD OUT on our site, it is because we don't have any more at the moment.  We are trying to keep this as accurate at possible. 

We are sold out of most adult bikes under $1000, entry level mountain + road bikes, and 24" kids bikes.  We are happy to add people to a waiting list, as we have plenty of bikes on backorder.

Please text us at 510 522 0070 with inventory questions or anything else.