Surly Karate Monkey 27.5 + 2019


The Karate Monkey is back, with a new wheel size!  The new 2018 Karate Monkey from Surly comes as a complete bike with 27.5+ wheels.  With a steel frame and fork, the 3" Surly Dirt Wizards and a dialed trail geometry give you a fantastic ride.  Seriously, this thing rips - the steering is very nimble and the wheelbase makes the bike ride with quite a snappy feel.  The stock build is typical Surly, that is, a solid spec without breaking the bank.  SRAM hydraulic brakes and thru axle compatibility are thoroughly modern touches, but the steel frame and lack of suspension certainly harken back to an earlier time - a time where riders left the house to go smash on some trails without even knowing what a shock pump was, where no sag was improperly set, and where the only measurable data that came out of a ride was fun.  We're into that.

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